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Contact Lenses

Dr. Blake W. Tarr, Contact Lens Specialist


Contacts are a great alternative to wearing glasses.  The beauty of contact lens wear is the flexibility it gives each patient with their lifestyle.  Each patient is different, with some wearing contacts only on weekends, special occasions or just for sports.  We will consider your lifestyle needs, and the health and shape of your eyes, in order to find just the right fit for you.  In most cases, we offer our patients the chance to try contacts on the same day as their exam.  

Contact lens technology has advanced to the point that practically everyone who needs vision correction can enjoy the convenience and comfort of contacts.  If you have astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness or even need bifocals, there are contact lenses designed for you.  Not only can we correct more prescriptions, but the care of contact lenses has gotten much easier as well.  The hassle of cleaning reusable lenses has been replaced by the convenience of 1-day disposable and extended wear lens technology. 

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Before we can find the right lenses for you, we need to thoroughly check your overall eye health to rule out any pre-existing conditions that would make contact lens wear difficult or impossible.  The doctor will take some measurements to properly fit your eyes, and test the prescription with diagnostic test contact lenses.  These diagnostic lenses allow you to preview the quality of vision and lens comfort to ensure your eye health.  You may end up testing a couple of different lenses as part of the fitting process.  Contact lenses that do not fit properly could cause discomfort, blurry vision or even damage the eye.  One size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses.

When both vision and comfort have been optimized, the doctor will provide you with a complimentary set of trial contact lenses to wear for about a week.  This gives you time to get familiar with the lenses, your prescription and how they fit your lifestyle.

Following that first week with your new contact lenses, the doctor will evaluate the lens fit and prescription.  If needed, the lenses will be fine tuned for comfort, eye health, and clear vision at all distances.


Dr. Tarr has both personal experience and a proven track record of excellence in contact lens fitting.
If you’ve tried contact lenses in the past and thought they weren’t for you, there’s a chance you just didn’t have a suitable set.
Allow Dr. Tarr to find the ideal pair to help you see, look, and feel your best.

Order Your Contacts Today!

Our office can order any commercially available contact lens including those made by Cooper, Bauch & Lomb, Vistakon, and Alcon. The majority of our patients recognize the value and convenience of purchasing their annual supply of contact lenses through our office.

Only patients with valid contact lens prescriptions may fill them through our office.

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