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Eyewear you can trust

Our modern, full-service optical dispensary and lab can provide all your glasses needs.

We have an extensive selection of fashionable and functional frame styles and prescription lens designs. Our frames range from sophisticated high-end fashion lines to more affordable styles. In addition to adult styles, a line for infants, children, and teenagers is also offered.

We offer frames designed with lightweight alloys, spring hinges and silicone nose pads to assure a comfortable, proper fit. Come by and see the latest styles available at Tarr Eye & Vision Center with or without a prescription.

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Reduce Digital Eye Strain

A high percentage of those using computers in the workplace may experience headaches, burning or tired eyes, trouble focusing back out at a distance, or overall fatigue at the end of the day.  Eye-related problems from extended periods of computer use and viewing video display terminals are very common.  Doctor Tarr offers the most up-to-date solutions for computer vision syndrome.  Ask how computer work can become much easier and more comfortable at your next eye examination.

Eyewear for color blindness

At Tarr Eye & Vision Center, we proudly offer glasses for color deficiency to help bring color back into your life. Recent developments in science and technology have allowed these revolutionary glasses to improve the lives of people with color deficiency worldwide.

Will Color Blind Glasses Work For Me?

At Tarr Eye & Vision, we offer some of the most popular prescription and non-prescription styles of color blind glasses to find something that works for you. Many wearers have reported an improvement in color perception while wearing our color blind glasses, but we’d love for you to see for yourself.

The effect of color blind glasses can be different for everyone, so we encourage you to schedule an appointment to determine your candidacy. Color blind glasses do not cure color blindness, but they can bring back some vibrancy to your life.

If you have a color deficiency, we would love to evaluate your eyes to see if color blind glasses will work for you. If you’d like to come and test out a pair, please give us a call ahead of time to optimize your experience.

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UV protection eyewear

Wearing sunglasses with proper UV protection is just as important as wearing sunscreen when enjoying the sunshine.

To avoid the early development of eye disease, sunglasses should be worn to protect your eyes in all seasons. Sunlight reflected off sand, water, and snow can be extremely damaging, causing a condition called photokeratitis.

Prolonged exposure to UV can be damaging to your eyes. UV radiation from the sun can damage the eye’s surface tissues, cornea, and lens, increasing your risk for vision loss. However, wearing UV-blocking sunglasses will significantly lower your risk of permanent damage and vision loss.

Excess sun exposure can increase your risk of developing:

  • Eye cancer
  • Cataracts
  • Sunburned eyes
  • Growths on or near the eye


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Eyewear You Can Count On To Keep You Safe

Different types of sports and activities have different levels of risk. In the US, nearly 30,000 eye injuries treated in emergency rooms are sports-related. However, 90% of all serious eye injuries could be prevented by wearing appropriate protective eyewear.

Regular eyeglasses do not provide proper protection and can, in some cases, make an injury worse if they shatter. One study found that basketball was the leading cause of sports-related eye injuries in the US, followed by baseball, softball, airsoft rifles, pellet guns, racquetball, and hockey.

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Optical Care and Service

At Tarr Eye & Vision Center, you won’t just find a pair of glasses. We want you to feel good with your new glasses, so we provide comprehensive optical services.

In-House Process & Repair

Making an individual pair of glasses requires steps that are traditionally done by hand today to ensure quality. While certain insurance companies require us to use their laboratory for processing your lenses, when we choose, we use only the highest quality laboratories. We also have an in-house lab for certain repairs for quicker turn-around time.

Professional Style Advice

What frames look best on you? What glasses should you choose for your vision and your viewing habits? Each customer has individual requirements. With the opticians and frame stylists at Tarr Eye & Vision Center, you can count on getting competent, personalized and detailed advice.

Frame Adjustment & Care

Do your glasses sit improperly on your face? Is the temple (arm) of your frames bent or twisted or loose with a missing screw? Our team is always here to handle small adjustments, repairs, or cleaning for you quickly.

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“I’m a 60yr old Air Force veteran that’s experienced my eye Docs. Dr. Tarr is by far the best! Always a professional!”
Air Force Colonel(R) Flyer - Craig K.
“I began as a patient when I worked closer to Dr. Tarr’s office. I now drive 45 minutes and have no desire to change doctors. The visit is worth the drive. Dr. Tarr is always kind and completes a thorough exam before providing me with a diagnosis. Wonderful!”
Amber B.
“Grateful! Dr Tarr worked diligently to get my vision back to normal as possible. I have gone through chemo treatments and it has affected the dryness in my eyes. He has got it where I can see clearly and they are not as dry and don’t feel like sandpaper.”
Shelly B.
“I came to Dr. Tarr four years ago. Even though I had a severe corneal scar, he was able to fit me with contact lenses. Dr. Tarr has been able to do in the last four years what other eye specialists have not been able to do for the last 20 years! I also have very dry eyes, and he has used a special procedure on my tear ducts which has helped the dryness a lot. He has helped me more than any other eye doctor I’ve gone to!”
Bonie H.
“Dear Dr. Tarr & Staff, I just wanted to send you a quick note of ‘Thanks’ for the wonderful experience we had at your office. Everyone was so kind and friendly and very patient with my daughter. She really enjoyed the experience. She even said she wanted to see the eye doctor every week! She usually is not that happy with doctors. Thank you again, to all of you!”
Ann & Natalie G.
“I became a patient of Dr. Tarr as soon as he began his practice. He has always been very professional as well as his staff. I was diagnosed with glaucoma and under Dr. Tarr’s competent care it is fully under control. I appreciate having such a great optometrist that I can trust to care for my needs.”
Marsha S.
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Source Modern Optometry Magazine.