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Emergency Eye Care

Experiencing an Eye Emergency After Hours? Call (865) 475 – 6565 or Text (865) 382 – 7888. We’re happy to help.

Emergency eye care treatment

Emergencies are hardly convenient. In fact, the timing typically could not be any worse. At Tarr Eye & Vision Center we offer a wide variety of services, including the treatment of urgent and developing conditions.

Dr. Blake Tarr enjoys diagnosing and/or treating:

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Online Diagnosis

With an online consultation we’ll be able to diagnose your
condition and propose a treatment plan.


Your Pricing Options

Choose from one of several one-on-one options with our eyecare expert:

Video Call

Telephone Call

In-Clinic Appointment
Starts at $99


The solution to your eye problems could be within reach. Make an appointment to see how Tarr Eye & Vision Center can help you. Whether your condition is with your Vision or a Medical Eye problem, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide a solution to your issues.



Within 24 hours, one of our technicians will be in touch and ask you preliminary questions
about your condition ahead of your appointment, which we will schedule with you at an agreed time.


What Happens After Your Appointment?

Following your call or appointment with the doctor, the following will happen:

  • Your condition will be properly diagnosed.
  • A product or products will be prescribed for you if necessary.
  • Any in-house treatment will be arranged for you (depending on your location).

Contact Your Optometrist

As always, conditions are best treated upon initial presentation.
If you are experiencing any eye pain, vision changes, or discomfort,
we will happily see you the same day to get you back on track.

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