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Children's Eye Exams

Kid-Friendly Eyecare

At Tarr Eye & Vision Center, our children’s eye examinations have been customized to make them kid-friendly and less like a doctor visit.  A visit to the eye doctor should be fun, not scary.  Dr. Blake Tarr has young kids and understands that children can be a little apprehensive about visiting a doctor’s office.  He is comfortable with kids’ short attention spans and can get a lot of information in a short amount of time. 

As parents, we can easily see our child’s physical appearance change as they grow, but we don’t always recognize their eyes are changing as well.  Kids grow quickly and healthy vision is crucial to both school and sports performance.  In fact, 80% of what a child learns is through their eyes.  That’s true whether they are in Pre-school, Elementary, Middle, or High School, and even College.

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How to know if your child has a vision issue?

Even though we, as parents, would do anything to help support our child’s vision and eye health, some kids may not be aware they are dealing with a vision issue.  You ask them if they are having trouble seeing, and they don’t realize it’s a problem. 

If your child is dealing with vision problems, they might show the following indicators:

Are school vision screenings enough to detect vision problems?

Don’t assume your child has good vision because they passed a school vision screening. A 20/20 score does not measure any of the other binocular vision skills needed for learning. If any of these or other vision skills are lacking or not functioning properly, your child’s eyes have to work harder and they may fall behind in school. 

The American Optometric Association recommends that you bring your baby to an Eye Doctor for their first eye examination at 6 months of age. Dr. Tarr provides thorough eye examinations partnering with local healthcare providers to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and developing normally.


“I’m a 60yr old Air Force veteran that’s experienced my eye Docs. Dr. Tarr is by far the best! Always a professional!”
Air Force Colonel(R) Flyer - Craig K.
“I began as a patient when I worked closer to Dr. Tarr’s office. I now drive 45 minutes and have no desire to change doctors. The visit is worth the drive. Dr. Tarr is always kind and completes a thorough exam before providing me with a diagnosis. Wonderful!”
Amber B.
“Grateful! Dr Tarr worked diligently to get my vision back to normal as possible. I have gone through chemo treatments and it has affected the dryness in my eyes. He has got it where I can see clearly and they are not as dry and don’t feel like sandpaper.”
Shelly B.
“I came to Dr. Tarr four years ago. Even though I had a severe corneal scar, he was able to fit me with contact lenses. Dr. Tarr has been able to do in the last four years what other eye specialists have not been able to do for the last 20 years! I also have very dry eyes, and he has used a special procedure on my tear ducts which has helped the dryness a lot. He has helped me more than any other eye doctor I’ve gone to!”
Bonie H.
“Dear Dr. Tarr & Staff, I just wanted to send you a quick note of ‘Thanks’ for the wonderful experience we had at your office. Everyone was so kind and friendly and very patient with my daughter. She really enjoyed the experience. She even said she wanted to see the eye doctor every week! She usually is not that happy with doctors. Thank you again, to all of you!”
Ann & Natalie G.
“I became a patient of Dr. Tarr as soon as he began his practice. He has always been very professional as well as his staff. I was diagnosed with glaucoma and under Dr. Tarr’s competent care it is fully under control. I appreciate having such a great optometrist that I can trust to care for my needs.”
Marsha S.
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