Tarr Eye & Vision Center - Dedicated to Excellence in Family Eyecare

Eye Emergencies

Eye injuries range from the very minor such as getting soap in your eye, to the catastrophic such as chemical exposures or lacerations, which could result in permanent loss of vision. Our office provides emergency services for eye infections and eye injuries. Please call our office at 865-475-6565 during office hours, after hours or on weekends. We have after hour emergency numbers on our answering machine. Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

State of the art biomicroscopes, called the slit lamp, allow us to examine the front surface of the eye and facial areas around the eye for infection or injury. After assessing the extent of the injury or infection a treatment plan will be formulated and explained to you. Treatment may include medications and supportive care. Follow-up visits to monitor your recovery will be scheduled as needed. Come to Tarr Eye & Vision Center for your eye emergency treatments.

Low Vision Services

People who have lost eyesight due to injuries or eye disease need special types of products to help them function as independently as possible. We offer a full range of these products through our office. They range all the way from a simple hand magnifier to a closed circuit TV system.

In addition, we can direct those who have low vision problems to products that will help them carry on the day-to-day tasks that they need to perform. In some cases we can set up a program for the low vision patient with the National Library of Congress to receive "books on tape" or the Bible on tape, which is a service for the blind.